Parallel import

The parallel import of a medicinal product involves importing the product into one Member State of the European Union from another and then distributing it outside the distribution network set up by the manufacturer or his/her authorised distributor.

Parallel imports are a lawful form of trade based on the principle of the free movement of goods.

The following conditions of the imported product must be met:

  • The imported drug contains the same active substance (active substances), at least: the same indications up to the third level of the ATC/ATCvet code (anatomical therapeutic chemical classification), the same potency, the same route of administration and the same form as the medicinal product authorised for trading in Poland or a similar form, which does not give rise to therapeutic differences with regard to the medicinal product authorised for marketing in Poland.
  • The imported medicinal product and the medicinal product authorised for marketing in Poland both reference medicinal products, or both substitutes for reference medicinal products, respectively in the country of origin and in Poland.


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