About us

InPharm Sp. z o.o. is a leader of the parallel distribution market in Poland. Our services include parallel import and export, direct import, as well as distribution of drugs, medicinal products and cosmetics. The firm is based on one of the most important principles of the European Union: the free movement of goods.

We are young company, created by a team of individuals that is highly familiar with the ground rules of the Polish pharmaceutical market.

We have acquired over a dozen years experience, working for manufacturers of medicine, distributors, as well as pharmacies and pharmacy chains.

We import original medicines and sell them at lower prices.

Parallel distribution is a trade known in the EU countries for 30 years, supported by the governments of many countries (like Germany, Sweden). It is legal and safe, as the distribution must be approved by the national medicine regulatory authorities.

InPharm focuses on:

InPharm is a member of:

SIRPL - the Association of Therapeutic Products Parallel Importers. Membership of the Association includes seven companies that handle parallel imports into Poland.


EAEPC - European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies, this Association is an advocate for parallel distribution of medicines within Europe. EAEPC has over 70 members from 17 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA).